Thinxtra empowers Smart Councils in Australia. 

Thinxtra is introducing the Smart Council Partnership Program, a unique program designed as a key enabler to bring high-impact Internet of Things solutions to life, available upon request at to the first 50 selected councils. The program will provide Sigfox network coverage within 4 weeks at no cost to the council.

The Smart Council Program brings countless benefits

  • Connecting Australia
  • Creating job opportunities
  • Leveraging IoT to benefit communities

Thinxtra commits to providing councils with

  • Free Sigfox network dedicated to Internet of Things solutions
  • Free installation
  • Free dev kits for incubators
  • Free connectivity for smart council application developments

Having Sigfox coverage lays the foundation for councils to become...

     ... better maintained
  • Monitoring access, roads, signage, parking, fire hydrants, street lighting
  • On-demand maintenance, garbage collection
  • Better management of Council maintenance staff
    … eco-friendly
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Avoiding waste
  • Monitoring water pollution and air quality level
    … safer
  • Simple set up for Area access control, monitoring of hazardous substances, cabinets, manhole covers,...
  • Elders’ monitoring & alerts in case of falls


    … innovative
  • IoT coverage fosters innovative startups, thereby creating more IoT solutions
  • Enabling new tech business, increasing employment and city attractiveness

Thinxtra makes councils smarter everywhere in Australia.

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Coffs Harbour case study


Coffs Harbour is the first regional city in Australia that got a free holistic coverage for the Internet of Things. This deployment was successfully conducted in collaboration with Schneider Electric who, together with Thinxtra, are bringing IoT solutions to Coffs Harbour. 

Loic Barancourt, CEO of Thinxtra: “Coffs Harbour, being a Centre of Strategic Growth and having a burgeoning business and innovation centre, was a perfect choice for us to demonstrate how IoT can help boost regional economy and business.”

The Sigfox network in Coffs Harbour took less than a week to install, thus enabling companies and individuals to connect millions of low-power devices. Local smart councils, being early IoT adopters, will be the first to benefit of the positive effect of IoT on their local economies. McKinsey’s estimated that the IoT will improve the global economy by $3.9 to 11.1 trillion per year by 2025.

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