Thinxtra is the leader in the field

Crop management

Smart devices stuck into the ground enable monitoring of all essentials parameters: air & soil temperature, humidity, water potential • Less water, less fertilizer, more yield


Silo management

Stock monitoring improves inventory management, which leads to higher revenue • Prevent any risks of accident • 10 years battery life

Cattle management

Detecting heat periods • prevent health issues • GPS tracking • sown pasture optimisation (livestock tracking stats)

Water irrigation

Water quality monitoring • Possibility to reduce/shut off the flow • Automatic alarm upon leak, burst, backflow, freezing risk...

Flood monitoring

Immediate warning if water flood • Sealing: IP68 • Record data in Modbus, 4-20mA, digital and pulses • 10+ year battery life

Gate monitoring

Send alerts when gate is open, close or tampered • Extremely simple set up • 10+ years battery life